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The Ideal Retirement Plans for Employees

AIA also works with companies that want to create retirement plans that benefit all employees. Additionally, we provide ongoing assistance to make sure your plan is solid. For individual investors who want to supplement their pensions, alternative investment solutions are available.

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Retirement plans have increasingly become the target of governmental regulation and participant litigation. A recent US Supreme Court case exposes Plan Sponsors to greater fiduciary and financial risk.

Additionally, Plan Sponsors are concerned that their plans are underutilized by employees because of a lack of employee education and investment advice. AIA works with Plan Sponsors to eliminate these fiduciary concerns by taking a holistic approach to Plan management. Our solutions are designed to help your employees meet their retirement savings goals.

To achieve your Retirement Plan objectives, AIA offers comprehensive:
- Fiduciary Investment Services
- Participant Education Services

AIA helps you effectively manage the whole plan. We perform due diligence on all vendors and constantly scrutinize the total cost of the Plan. We ensure that your Plan offers only the highest quality, cost-effective investment options. Moreover, we monitor your Plan design to ensure optimization.

Many Plan participants do not fully understand how to utilize it to reach their retirement goals. They may be confused and frustrated about how to invest their money in the Plan. AIA helps guide your participants to save and invest wisely, providing onsite group and individual sessions.


AIA provides innovative alternative investment solutions to our institutional and accredited investor clients. Our clients are sophisticated investors who demand comprehensive due diligence services surrounding the private placement and hedge fund industry. AIA provides extensive research capabilities not offered by traditional investment consultants.

AIA is a diverse organization with employees spanning a wide range of backgrounds. Our team members hold JD and MBA degrees as well as multiple regulatory licenses and certifications.

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