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Diligent Portfolio Management

Investors should not have to constantly check with their portfolio managers for information about their investments. At AIA, we are diligent about our clients' portfolio management. Additionally, we match you with experienced investment managers if you choose to have a third party oversee your portfolio.


AIA's Tactical Risk Strategies are constructed and managed according to the spectrum of possible market risks. A client can quickly and easily determine their risk tolerance through our quantitative risk assessment process and then select the appropriate AIA strategy.

With the corresponding AIA strategy, clients can view the potential upside and downside performance the strategy may encounter over rolling six-month periods. Each of our Tactical Risk Strategies is managed according to market risk factors and will perform within these upside/downside ranges in most market conditions.

AIA's portfolios are actively managed to reduce downside performance while enhancing the upside potential. This is achieved through active asset allocation and sector selection across the global investment universe. We strive to maintain the diversification required to stay within each portfolio's risk parameters.

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Selecting the right professional investment manager is an important decision. AIA provides meaningful insight and important information on a broad array of investment managers and products, including mutual funds, ETFs, separately managed accounts, and alternative investments. Our team employs comprehensive research and due diligence to provide you with in-depth, ongoing, and objective guidance.

AIA offers independent and objective insights that help you select and monitor professional money managers. The use of detailed quantitative and qualitative analyses is aimed at identifying attractive long-term investment options and communicating the manager's style and/or strategy to investors. Our goal is to empower investors to make informed decisions in manager selection, portfolio construction, and the on-going monitoring of their investments.

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